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Fiona Jaen
United States
Current Residence: Colorado
Favourite genre of music: Alternative classic independant rock n roll-ish
Favourite cartoon character: The Laziest Cat in the World and his pet human
Personal Quote: Have the courage to fail big and stick around
i hate twinkies. no, not the cream filled dessert with a shelf life to rival canned air. i hate the little skinny girls who flick their hair and shriek "Oh my god! I totally love those shoooeeeesssss!" They talk about nothing but their french manicures and their highlights that look disgusting, and how much boys love them and how many boys love them and various other materialistic matters that have no bearing on the actual world. my entire university is full to the brim with these pathetic excuses for humans, and i can't take it anymore. even the guys on my floor are more annoying that a fire alarm in a maternity ward. they strut around after these twinkie girls and brag about the size of their own twinkies (ifya know what i mean...). Doesn't anyone in the world have any substance anymore? it frightens me that i have met more imbeciles at an institution of higher learning than anywhere else in the world. i have yet to meet a man (which i care about more than meeting any girls, ifya know what i mean) who actually is funny (in a way that isn't crude), smart (in a way that isn't nerdy) and goodlooking (in a way that isn' that one is pretty self explanatory...). what i am trying to say is that the quote/unquote blondes in this world are becoming more and more dominant, and as long as the pretty people remain such, there is no room for the kinda okay looking not quite hot not quite ugly who needs to maybe hit the gym and stop eating so much carbs kinda me. and i know that you all are saying that i should suck it up and either live my own life and actually go to the gym and put on more makeup, or just accept reality and stop whining, but i still feel shame for the nation and shame for society because of this injustice. when did the unique get shoved aside for the shinier alternative: Twinkies?

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